Reduced Operations Safety Checklist

Using the Reduced Operations Safety Checklist

If you are running reduced operations in response to Coronavirus use the checklist in your BCarm Health & Safety Management System

Running reduced operations in response to Coronavirus may have an impact on your health and safety arrangements so we have added a checklist in your BCarm Health & Safety Management System which you can use to review these, record your findings and any action you need to take.

This Reduced Operations Safety Checklist is fully editable so you can develop/adapt it to your specific requirements.

It will ask to consider how your reduced operations impact upon your:

  1. Workplace precautions, risk control systems, and management arrangements
  2. Manpower, skills, experience and training requirements of operational staff
  3. Roles and responsibilities and reporting lines in terms of safety management
  4. Fire Safety, Controls, Protections and Monitoring
  5. Electrical Safety precautions, checks and testing
  6. Operation of Workplace Machinery
  7. First Aid arrangements
  8. Workplace Transport
  9. COSHH and use of hazardous substances
  10. Waste Controls
  11. Availability and use of Personal Protective Equipment
  12. Welfare arrangements
  13. Remote workers

To use the Bcarm Checklist

  • Login to BCarm
  • Open Health & Safety Management
  • Select Checklists and Manage Checklists
  • Search Coronavirus : Reduced Operations Safety Checklist

For advice and help on how to get your checklist up and running get in touch for a discussion.

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