About BCarm

We believe in making a difference to businesses by providing more than just protection and compliance - our risk management solutions go much further to enhance business performance and competitive advantage.

Putting you at the heart of what we do

Making a difference

We’ve made a difference for hundreds of companies looking to drive their business improvement and to optimise risk management. Our proven track record demonstrates our commitment to delivering flexible solutions that enhance business performance and competitive advantage – beyond just compliance and protection.

Out of the box solutions

Our solutions are designed to help any business, in any sector and any size. Our clients range from manufacturing, distribution, logistics, leisure and retail, often in multiple locations, but we also work with more diverse businesses such as coal mines to inland surfing centres.

Putting your needs first

We take the time to understand your risk management issues and needs and also your wider business drivers and objectives. This ensures any solution delivers a strong return on investment. This is part of our 4 step process and whilst many companies say they do something similar, what makes us different is that we do it!

Building You-Centric Solutions

Your solution will most likely be a combination of systems, consultancy and engagement. Engagement is our secret ingredient – people sit at the heart of what we do - we don’t just deliver a product; we help you and your team engage with the solution and get the best out of it.

We are like-minded

We are business people, not just auditors or compliance officers, so we are focused on the same challenges as you - how to maximise performance and traction, build employee engagement, align process, leverage data and resolve your challenges and issues.

Meet the team

We are a small and highly motivated team – think special forces as opposed to an infantry brigade. We work swiftly and efficiently to get our clients results and share a common passion to deliver a difference whenever we can.

Headshot of BCarm team member Steve Williams

Steve Williams

Managing Director

30+ years of Insurance, Sales Management, General and Risk Management experience. Scuba Diver, Ultrarunner and Adventure Racer; loves to run across a desert, so far the Sahara, Namib and Attacama but insists he is not mad!

swilliams@bcarm.co.uk LinkedIn
Headshot of BCarm team member Sharon Ede

Sharon Ede

Head of Operations

Operational Management from Leisure to Insurance and HR. Former GB Canoe Slalom training team member, all round perfectionist and secretly the most competitive person alive! May or may not have a Blue Peter Badge.

sede@bcarm.co.uk LinkedIn
Headshot of BCarm team member Mark Hutchinson

Mark Hutchinson

Senior Risk Consultant

30+ years Risk Management experience across a vast range of industries and lots of initials after his name. At the weekend Mark likes nothing more than to slip in to the lycra, strap on the Garmin and hit the road at VO2 Max on 2 wheels and Carbon Fibre.

mhutchinson@bcarm.co.uk LinkedIn
Headshot of BCarm team member Alison Thornton

Alison Thornton

Client Engagement Coordinator

Experience in banking and a trade union has fortunately left Alison unscathed. When not engaging with clients, Alison has 2 mad cocker spaniels and Boris her horse which takes up all of her spare time (and cash).

athornton@bcarm.co.uk LinkedIn
Headshot of BCarm team member Jamie-Lee Johns

Jamie-Lee Johns

Junior Developer

An aspiring full-stack web developer with a background in creativity and graphic design. Gaming has always been a passion and he has branched out to web and game development. Also loves table tennis and enjoys card games (we're unsure if money is involved)...

jjohns@bcarm.co.uk LinkedIn
Headshot of BCarm team member Izzie Sadiq-Shirley

Izzie Sadiq-Shirley

Marketing Manager

With 20 years’ experience in Marketing there’s not much she doesn’t know about taking a good ‘promotional’ selfie. Loves a challenge and getting carried away, most notably after running a marathon and getting carried home!

isadiq-shirley@bcarm.co.uk LinkedIn
Headshot of BCarm team member Colin Hemsworth

Colin Hemsworth

Client Support

Should have been a winner on Masterchef but settled for being brilliant with BCarm clients. An avid fisherman and can be found on beaches around the UK in gale force conditions searching for the big one!

chemsworth@bcarm.co.uk LinkedIn
Headshot of BCarm team member Katherine Olive

Katherine Olive

Client Engagement Coordinator

With a background in software training and support, Katherine is always up for a new challenge. She has a BA in Film & Theatre Studies and is highly partial to a movie marathon. In her spare time she also likes to draw and practice experimental cooking, with varying degrees of success.

kolive@bcarm.co.uk LinkedIn

Our approach

We believe that risk management delivers more than just protection and compliance. It can enhance operational effectiveness, improves resilience, create employee engagement and accountability, delivering improved business performance and competitive advantage.

We deliver this through our 4 Step process which ensures we thoroughly understand your needs and requirements and enables us to identify wider business improvements our solution can deliver.

Understand the issues

Understanding your needs and requirements, your issues and challenges and your business drivers and objectives ensures your solution delivers the biggest difference.

Develop a solution

Your solution will combine the relevant parts of our offer to deliver your objectives. It will include any people factors that are frequently the critical success factor.

Deliver and implement

We will build with you an implementation plan to make roll-out and deployment as simple and impact-free as possible delivering quick returns for your business.

Continuous support

And once you are up-and-running the support doesn’t end there. Our Engagement Team are always available to help you develop your solution further.

How can we help you?

Our friendly expert team are here to help. If you have a specific question about one of our solutions or need our help assessing your company needs contact us. If you would like a meeting to understand the benefits of BCarm, schedule a time and date convenient for you here.

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